It has been so long since I've made a playlist.. I'm back with another idea : beautiful songs !! Yey !! So here are songs with beautiful lyrics (that you should check).

Why do I make this playlist ? Because for me, lyrics are the most important part in a song. They can express our feeling better then our own words.

There will only be french songs because it's my mother tongue so I understand it better than any other languages. And for me, those songs need to be more popular.

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  • Johnny Hallyday - Je te promets [about love]
  • Maxenss & VSO - À ma place [about dream]
  • Fauve - Blizzard [about healing from depression]
  • Slimane - Je serai là [about being there for your mom]
  • Pascal Obispo - Lucie [about living]
  • Pep's - Liberta [about liberty]
  • Arcadian - Ton combat [about never losing hope]
  • Diane Tell - La Légende De Jimmy [about love]
  • Therapie TAXI ft. Roméo Elvis - Hit Sale [about unrealist hit songs]
  • Kaolin - Partons vite [about love]
  • Jeanne Mas - En rouge et noir [about not being affraid anymore]

I may do a part 2, one day. But that's it for today !

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