Every day i hear a girl say she can't be loved.
No guys like her. No one loves her.
That she wants to be loved.
That she is jealous of the girls who get boys.

But it isn't always pleasuring to have a boy, i can tell u.
Because im attractive, well i guess i am.
When i go swimming with friends there will be always at least one guy reaching out for my number.
Somehow guys like me.
And it isn't pleasuring or something.

It is goddamn hard. Because people judge. That is a fact.

I worry about my image the whole day. I've been called slut or hoe.
I had two boyfriends, only kissed.
Had some boys who liked or loved me through out the years.
Some dumped me, some i left.

Why i have to be attractive? I just want some boys as friends without getting love. I don't even understand myself, and my feelings.
And it isn't getting any easier when u only have to walk around, smile a little, and guys just fall in love or something.
It is kinda exhausting actually. U don't want to lead them on, and don't want to hurt them.

It is just so hard to be ''attractive''. U are just a walking artwork, and ppl wait and stare at you. So girl i want to tell u a thing. Being liked isnt everthing.. Your time will come. I'm sure.

Sincerely Tess