Hello my hearts.♥


Today I will write article about my favourite artist.
So I hope you enjoy it. Ok lets go!!! :)

1. Hurts

alternative, b&w, and band image hurts, theo hutchcraft, and adam anderson image Image removed Image removed
Favourite songs: Rolling Stone, Miracle, Slow These are my favorites but I love all songs.

2. Fall Out Boy

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Favourite song: Fourth Of July

3. Starset

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Favourite songs: Halo, My Demons, Monster

4. One Ok Rock

Image by Ивена Василева Image by Ивена Василева tomo, one ok rock, and toru image Image removed
Favourite songs: We are, Mighty Long Fall

5. OneRepublic

Temporarily removed black and white, concert, and feelings image Temporarily removed Lyrics, music, and musik image
Favourite songs: If I Lose Myself, Kids

6. Rihanna

Temporarily removed rihanna, fenty, and makeup image rihanna and riri image coffee, dark, and fashion image
Favourite songs: Diamonds, Love On The Brain, What Now

7. Lady Gaga

Image by Nahier. Image by Nahier. fashion, Lady gaga, and pink image Image removed
Favourite song: Born This Way

8. Lana Del Rey

Image by ig: lcvingsomeonc Image removed Image by Mel lana del rey, vintage, and lana image
Favourite songs: Young And Beautiful, Born To Die, Love

9. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

instagram, jpop, and kpp image asia, japan, and japanese girl image kpp, instagram, and kyary pamyu pamyu image instagram, kyary pamyu pamyu, and jpop image
Favourite songs: Furisodeshon, Yumeno Hajima Ring Ring

10. FAKY

faky and akina image anna, instagram, and faky image faky image anna, japan girls, and faky image
Favourite songs: Are You OK? Pretty, Afterglow


aesthetic, bubblegum, and glitter image instagram and femm image
Favourite songs: The Real Thing, Unbreakable, Countdown

12. BananaLemon

Image removed asian, girls, and japanese image Image removed Inspiring Image on We Heart It
Favourite songs: Girls Gone Wild, #SorryNotSorry

13. Silent Siren

instagram, suu, and silent siren image asian girl, girl, and japan image silent siren image silent siren and jpop image
Favourite songs: BANG!BANG!BANG! stella☆ Hachigatsu no yoru, alarm, Cheribomu

14. FlowBack

mark, reiji, and instagram image mark, reiji, and instagram image mark, reiji, and instagram image mark, reiji, and flowback image
Favourite songs: Come A Long Way, Heartbreaker, ALWAYS

15. Ninety One

ninety one image asian boy, black and white, and tatto image ace, band, and music image ace, instagram, and ninety one image
Favourite songs: Bayau, Mooz


Thanks for reading my article and I hope you liked it ♥♥♥
Stay positive, smile :)
and inspire others :)


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