Hi, I wrote an article about things I love during spring and yea, have fun reading and I really hope you like it!.


okay first things first, I love spring. The colours, the smells, people being happy because the sunlight is coming through the clouds, the flowers that bloom, insects flying around searching for some fresh flowers.

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1| the colours

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so the colours millennial pink, sky blue, sunlight yellow and forest green in their lightest and brightest shade is what makes me happy in this month

2| the flowers

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in spring are my favourite flowers peonies and daisies, they are just so soft and bright.

3| the songs

Someplace beautiful by Alfred Hall

The Gold - Acoustic by Manchester Orchestra

Bloom by The Paper Kites

Shiver by Lucy Rose

Smoke by Mosa Wild

Just You and I by Tom Walker

Tribulation Matt Maeson


5| the looks

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cute stripes are always nice
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pinafores are so adorable and perfect for spring
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classy yet cute shoes that can be worn on long nature walks
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wear as many flowers in your hair as you want, you'll always look pretty
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I love hats and earrings, they shine just as bright as the sun.
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softly wild hair, tousled and undone

6| the feelings

the windblown trees
sunlight and a warm breeze through an open bedroom window
loose clothing that dances when you walk
creating something, doesn't matter what or how or for who
daydreaming underneath the blue skies and white clouds
making flower crowns with your sweetest friends
the rain after a warm sunny day
adventures in the city, late enough to watch the sun go down
reading your favourite book in a field full of flowers
a soft, rosy and shimmering sunlight that shines in your eyes
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Well, that's it.

I want to know what your favourite things during spring are, but I forgot that you can't comment on articles so that makes me kind of sad. But I would love it if you made an article like this yourself and just like tag me or so and I will try to read it! So in that way we can inspire each other or I don't know. I love spring

Thanks again for reading, bye bye