Some time ago some of my friends listened to Justin Bieber. Now I thought it was at time to get a flashback to the old Justin Bieber times I had. Therefor I made a playlist with my Justin favorites. Here is a list of them. Also there will be a link in the bottom to the playlist at Spotify.

I hope you like it:)

o All Around The World - feat. Ludacris
o As Long As You Love Me - feat. Big Sean
o Baby - feat. Ludacris
o Be Alright
o Boyfriend
o Die In Your Arms
o The Felling - feat. Halsey
o I'll Show You
o Love Me
o Mark My Words
o Never Let Go
o Never Say Never - feat. Jaden Smith
o One Less Lonely Girl
o One Love
o One Time
o Purpose
o Somebody To Love
o Take You
o U Smile
o Wait For A Minute - Tyga feat. Justin Bieber

The Spotify link: