Hell its Lena again. Today I will start the 30 Day Writing Challenge so if you like to do it too, grab a pencil and a pice of paper or open the notice section of your phone or computer.

Day 1 - Explain the meaning of your name

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The name Lena comes from the name Helena. It means sunshine because of the greek sun god Helios. It also means the lighting, the flare, the shining and the sun likely.
Helena in the Greek mythology was the daughter of Zeus and Leda.
The latin "Lena" means matchmaker or temptress.

My name also comes from the name Magdalena. She was one of the most faithful disciples of Jesus in the holy bible. When Jesus Christ lived Magdalena was as well the name of a City near the lake Genezareth so it also could mean tower.

Sometimes its also spelled Leena or Léna in France or in Argentina Lenna.

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