It's Monday. I'm standing at the bus stop again waiting for my bus to take me to the farthest place it can. And my eyes lay on you for the billionth time in my life...

It's Monday. Again. The days have gotten colder. And I'm at the bus stop, again. I'm here every Monday. And you are here. On the other side, you're standing beside the bakery building. You're watching the snow. I'm watching you...

Oh, it's Monday. Again.
Happy new year!
The days are even colder. My hands are freezing, but my eyes are soft and warm. You're in front of me. Beside the bakery...

It's raining this Monday. I like rainy weather.
I'm standing at the bus stop with my big umbrella above my head. I thought you won't come today. But you're here. Breathing an amazing scent from the bakery...

I'm standing here. I'm watching you. You're still smiling. Then I turn my head to the left. A tear escapes my eyes, when I see the flowers. I turn my head not wanting to see this again and freeze in my spot. You're not there...

It's cold again. My hands are freezing. But my eyes are not soft and warm this time. I turn my head to the left. I look at the place where the flowers used to be. I turn my head and look at the bakery. I see your shadow. I freeze in my spot. A tear escapes my eyes. I close my eyes and open them again. You're not there. You're gone with with the flowers...

It's Monday. But I'm not at the bus stop. I'm in my room.
My eyes are red, my skin is pale. My hands are shaking.
I can't believe this.
I don't want to believe this.
I feel your presence suddenly. I hear your voice suddenly. I cry a river...
You're not here.
You're not there.
You're somewhere, where I can't reach you.
Where I won't reach you just yet...

Rest in peace my shining star

Thank you so much dear hearters for reading this.♡

- Love Yourself