Thanks for such a positive reaction to my last article, 13 Facts about me!
I decided to write another article about the television series I watch, enjoy!

1. Jane the Virgin
I speak Spanish, so I loved finding a show that incorporated the language. The show is SO funny and also speaks up on huge issues that are often left out of the television scene such as single motherhood, immigration laws, alcohol abuse, and cancer.

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2. Supernatural
Okay, technically I am a season (or two ) behind, but my sister and I love binge-watching this show. Yes it can be a bit repetitive and unrealistic at times, but the characters are so lovable that we keep coming back.

3. Once Upon a Time
I have not been watching this show since it first aired, but i quickly caught up. I loved seeing this relationship between fairytale and our world. The connection between all the stories is amazing to me and I love watching the characters grow and develop over the seasons.

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4. Riverdale
I'll admit that at times the overdramatic scenarios and abundance of sex can be a little annoying, but the characters are just so lovable that I have to see what happens next.

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5. This is Us
I cry at least once during every episode, but what is truly amazing about this show is that it evokes so many emotions. Sometimes my tears are from sorrow, other times joy, passion, anger, or understanding. This show is so powerful and I recommend it to everyone.

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That's it! Though I sometimes can't keep up with these five shows, but if any one has suggestions, feel free to dm me!