Dogs. Ask anyone who knows me even a little bit and they'll assure you I could be talking about them for hours on end. They're my favorite animal on planet earth and I freak out whenever I see one😂 This article, my lovely friends, is all about my top dog breeds.

1. Pitbull

I'm obsessed😂 I sometimes feel angry with people because they label them as aggresive and ugly. Well here's some news; they're not! Just look at these faces, I can't even! 😍

dog, puppy, and pitbull image adorable, animal, and puppy image dog, flowers, and cute image pitbull, puppy, and sleep image

2. German Shepherd

Theeese fluffballs are my absolute favorite! They are so so smart and I love watching videos of them being goofballs!

Temporarily removed animals cute sweet image Temporarily removed cute, dog, and animal image

3. Golden Retriever

So cliche, right? I know it's everyone's favorite breed but they deserve it! I mean, come on. Look at these good boyyys.

dog, cute, and puppy image dog image dog, animal, and coffee image Image removed

4. Australian Shepherd


adorable, animal, and australian shepherd image animal, aussie, and australian image adorable, animals, and aussie image animal, aussie, and australian shepherd image

5. Kokoni

It's a greek breed that exists from the ancient years, for those of you who haven't heard of it. In fact, my pup is a kokoni and this is what she kinda looked like when we first got her (that's not her, but it looks similar).

black, dog, and greek image

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for my next article!

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