3D Platform Workbench

1 meter x 1 meter x 0.5 meter build area

Folding gantry fits through a standard door

SurePrint™ Servo Technology motors

Dual extruder all-metal print heads

High-volume nozzles, temperatures up to 295°C

Suited for 3 mm (recommended) and 1.75 mm diameter filament

Print with materials such as PLA, PETG, NinjaFlex®, ABS, Nylon, T-Glase, HIPS, PVA, and more!

AC Input: 220v, 13.6 Amp, 60 Hz

Why Choose 3D Platform

  • 1 meter x 1 meter x 0.5 meter build area
  • 74X larger build area than the standard desktop 3D printer


  • Low purchase price, starting under $22,000
  • Low operating cost, 90% savings using open market materials


  • SurePrint™ servo motors provide closed loop system
  • 20,000 count encoder and 1.25 micron feedback resolution
  • Print layer resolutions down to 70 microns


  • Industrial strength mechatronics deliver superior performance and reliability
  • Utilizes SIMO Series precision rails and Constant Force™ anti-backlash lead screws and nuts from PBC Linear®