"Live your day like it was your last day", they say.

If that was the case, I would wake up early to appreciate every second of the day. I wouldn’t go to the school, I went there practically all my life and I don’t want it to be the last place where I’ll be. I would pass all my day outside, experiencing the nature with my family and friends. I would be having a lot of activities and I will be eating a lot of food in every restaurant. I would even have sex more than once to be really satisfied with my day.

But that’s not a thing that I can really do. I mean I wake up at 12 pm (come on!). If I do this, I would ignore all my responsibilities, which I can’t do without stressing myself like a real crazy. I would end up broke (meaning no money) and I would never end my studies. I’ll have to look for someone for the sex part, which can never happen due to my not excellent timetable of my social life.

I don’t understand why they say that. This only works for the rich people with not responsibilities.
I prefer: « Live your every day with no regrets ». Doable, but yet I don’t do it either. Then what am I complaining about?

Oh right. I never really live the way I really want. I have to work on that.