Hey everyone, it's me Gabbie and welcome to my article/s. So this is just a short intro so I can tell you what I'm going to be talking about in these things and what to be expecting. Stay tuned!

(I'm kinda new to this so excuse my mistakes lol)

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So as you can probably tell by my username, I am a fan of the well-known TV show Riverdale. I am also a big fan of other tv shows: The vampire diaries (tvd) Teen Wolf, Orange is the new black, The originals and plenty of other things I can't seem to remember. Some Articles I will probably talk about that stuff. It may also include things I've read and my reviews on fanfictions or maybe just facts and updates about my general life. When my Tv shows have updates I might review that on here if people are interested.

I would love people to request things for me to read or write about so if you want to message me about that.

If you don't like what I'm doing with my articles, for any reason at all, or don't agree with my opinions then please don't hate. It's easy to block me or get off my article there's no need to share negativity on my posts.

Thanks for reading this,