Hello Hearters and Happy Easter to the orthodox ones! I'm back after a short holiday period with the 7 things that happen to you when you truly find someone you could spend your whole life with. Enjoy!

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1. You could talk to him or about him all the time. All of your thoughts and plans include him and you can't help it!
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2. Your heart races when you see him, hear his voice, smell his perfume or touch him. It beats real fast.
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3. You recognize his everything. Even in a crowd full of people, voices, smells and moves, you can tell when he speaks or when he's close to you even if you don't turn your head to see him. You just feel it and recognize his everything from miles away.
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4. You dream of him and/or talk to God or other upper powers about him. You pray for him like you do it for you, your family and friends. You care about him and think about him a lot so that's why you see him in your dreams.
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5. You can feel whether he's happy or sad. No need to talk, you just know it.
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6. You just can't get over him, can't let him go. You connect every song with him, every smell reminds you of him and every move he ever made is unforgettable. As you go through the years, you still remember everything that has to do with him, like it was yesterday.
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7. You can't think of other men sexually. Everyone seems small in front of him. You compare him to everyone but no one compares to him!

These were only 7 out of the incredible things that happen when you find the one. Hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading! Check on my relative collection:

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