Hello !
So I've been on WHI for a while now, and I wanted to write an article. Maybe some of you wonder who I am, maybe all of you doesn"t care XD I decided to do the 30 Days Get To Know Me Challenge that I saw.

I found it here, by I @TypicalGirl48

So here we start !

Day 1 : List 20 random facts about yourself

1. My name is Chloé and I am almost 20 years old

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2. I am a French girl and I live near Paris

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3. I love board games

funny, monopoly, and scrabble image

4. I study computer science (I will graduate in summer) But next year I will change to literature studies

c, html, and java image computer, hapiness, and programming image hard, study, and school image book, coffee, and study image

5. I am addicted to sugar, and sweet things, candy, and chocolate

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6. I watch a lot of TV shows, I can't count how many... And I can't pick up a favorite one.... (even if I like so much AHS, and also Penny Dreadful even if it ended, and The 100, and UnREAL, and ...well you understand x) )

Abusive image asylum, coven, and cult image

7. I read a lot of books, like a LOT, like I dream to be trap in a library my whole life

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8. I am a fangirl. Of Everything. Always. But mainly on fictional characters. I always do ship, I have so many otp...

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9. All wednesday I wear black just like the witches in the new orleans coven (AHS Coven Season 3) but the rest of the time i wear bright colors and things people not usually wear, or clothes I have customized...

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10. I do dance since i am 6 years old (12 years classical dance, 4 years modern'jazz and 2 years neoclassical ballet)

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11. I don't favorite colors : love rainbows

color, rainbow, and wallpaper image Image by Beata Kinas

12. I always listen to music, different kind : pop, rock, metal, vocaloid, or anything that I like

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13. I am fan of vampire (but vampire like Dracula : dark vampire not glittering one like in Twilight)

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14. My favorite season is winter

Temporarily removed Image by Ceyda Çiftçi winter, austria, and snow image winter, landscape, and snow image

15. I wish I could live in the fictional words I read, write or dream about even if I won't last a week

harry potter, book, and world image book, harry potter, and tumblr image

16. When I am alone or when I am cleaning my room I always turn the music on and dance

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17. I am very shy and introvert

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18. In order to express my self I often write letter

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19. I am fan of Disney (either princess movies or movies from pixar studio or else) but also anime and ghibli movies

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20. I am Taurus, and I like read on zodiac stuff even if I believe it only when I want to, I think it's funny

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Thanks for reading !

English is not my first language, sorry for the mistakes