Hey Guys, so it's nearly the holidays and for me that means being really pumped and then when the holidays actually come around well......... l have no idea what to do and always end up watching youtube and going through weheartit 24/7. So l decided l'd make a list of fun and interesting activities for you guys and share them with you.

1. Go for a bike ride.

Heaps of people think this is really boring ( including me until like yesterday) but it's actually quite fun. lf you pick a sunny warm day and you have a pretty park or location to bike ride in that makes all the difference. You can ride with friends, family or by yourself, and remember to bring your instax camera (if you have one) to take some cute snaps.

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2. Learn a new language!

So this seems kinda like a big commitment but it's actually really fun! There's heaps of apps like Duolingo or Memrise that can help you learn them and that aren't too full on. l'm currently learning Spanish and it is SO much fun!

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3. Go on a fun Outing

So l really like going on fun trips but sometimes l overlook these places for playing on my phone or procrastinating. l absolutely love going to the zoo, the botanic gardens and going to (interesting) museums.

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4.Go on a fun shopping trip!

Well this is kind of obvious but GO SHOPPING! So this doesn't have to be a big money spending trip but try and do it with a family member or some friends so you can; pick out outfits together, grab a milkshake and turn it into a social event.

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