Hey there guys!How are you?Hope fine!I thought it would be good idea to get to know me better so today i will talk about my current favourites..So let's get started!♥

1) Stan-Eminem Feat. Dido (2002)
One of my favorites,one of the best performances of the rap god♥
(Marsall Mathers actually invented the word "stan" that means being obsessed with s/one, it is an official word that was put in the Oxford dictionary)
2) Mine-Bazzi (2018)
Catchy song by breakthrough artist Andrew Bazzi
3) New York-Alicia Keys (2009)
Even though it is sampled and I am not from the Big Apple this song makes it impossible for me not to sing it.♫THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN'T DOO♫
4) Pour some sugar on me-Def Leppard (1987)
I find it really uplifting & fun♥♥
5) Sweet Nothing-Calvin Harris feat. Florence Welch (2012)
I recently found the title. It reminds of my childhood, I feel quite nostalgic when I listen to it and I love it! Also I can relate with the lyrics...
6) Tainted Love-Soft Cell (1981)
Originally recorded by Gloria Jones in 1964,it attained worldwide fame after being covered in 1981 by Soft Cell.(I think that it's used in lot of movies)
7) 7/11-Beyonce (2014)
Boost your confidence by dancing in front of your mirror listening to this. It's everything!! Qyeen-B never dissapoints♥♥
8) Bellyache-Billie Ellish (2017)
KInd of a sad song,but we all have those days!
9) DNA-Kendrick Lamar (2017)
Wakes you up,makes you feel mentally prepared for a race!
10) Framed-Eminem (2018)
Even though the critics for this song are mixed,i really like it ♥♥♥

Soo that's all for today,hope you liked it! I'd love to hear your opinion about music or these songs, don't hezitate to comment or send me a postcard! !