DAY 19:

Everyone’s got fears, everyone is afraid of somethings. Some people just learned to control it.

I have a lot of audio speeches on my phone, more just for motivation (if anyone wants me to make an article about those motivations speeches and which I listen, let me know) and one is titled FEARS.

Behind every fear, is a person you want to be.

So, this are my 5 fears that I have, some have deeper meaning than the others.

1. Clowns
If you read my last articles - I REALLY THINK YOU SHOULD! (yes, I am yelling + a shameless plug) you know that clowns aren’t my favorite things. I don’t even know where this fear comes from. I never watched any horror movies, so they are not the reason for my fear. IDK

2. Not succeeding
Maybe a fear everyone has… but, yeah. I’m scared that I’ll spend my whole life towards doing nothing and be just an unsuccessful piece of s***.

3. Not living fully
I have so many dreams and wishes what I want to do with my life. But sometimes I’m too scared of living fully, but on the other hand fuck it, I have my whole life ahead of me, anything can happen.

4. Messing something up
Yepp…I sometimes tend to hold myself back of doing something, just because I’m scared I’ll mess something up. But that’s ok. You don’t know everything, you are not expected to know everything, that’s why we learn.

5. Not accomplishing things, myself
In a way of…maybe people feel sorry for me..or…they know my they just let me go through. No, I want to achieve things because of my afford, because of my work and not because of my parents or my friends.

If you did read, thank you.
Love, K

Day 19 // 7.04.2018 // 10:39

oh, look...
what's that...
i know you are curious...
i think you should check those out...
please, i am desperate...