Spring is here which means it time for a wardrobe makeover! Here are 5 outfits which everyone would do well to have in their wardrobe.

Outfit #1

Top: Printed dress
Bottoms: None/ nude tights if it's cold outside
Shoes: Black/white Ankle boots
Accessories/outerwear: Denim jacket, bag (same colour as boots)

Outfit #2

Top/bottoms: Stripy top, dungarees
Shoes: Fashion trainers (This is an outfit I love wearing my beloved adidas superstars with!)
Accessories/outerwear: Charm necklace, sunglasses.

Outfit #3

Top: Black/Pink romper
Bottoms: None needed
Shoes: Sandals
Accessories/outerwear: White leather jacket, matching shoulder bag.

Outfit #4

Top: Off the shoulder top
Bottoms: Blue Denim Shorts
Shoes: Heels
Accessories/outwear: Choker, no jacket needed.

Outfit #5
I know this is a very basic outfit, so I don’t think I get to many marks on originality for this look! But you can change the colours in all of these outfits to your preference/what you already have, of course.

Top: Black/white tank top
Bottoms: Black/white skater skirt
Shoes: Converse,heels,pumps,boots….anything goes!
Accessories/outerwear: Anklet, choker, any jacket.

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