As a business owner you may find that you have to increase your prices to allow for rising costs of products and your employee salaries. To stop your customers going elsewhere you’ll need to justify the added expense – and ensure that their salon experience is worthy of the price rise. Take a look at how to raise your salon prices without losing customers…

Consider the Signs

  • Increased operating costs meaning you need to increase prices to still make a profit
  • Employee expenses including taxes, salaries, higher utility bills, and equipment
  • Your prices don't actually reflect the high-quality service that you're providing
  • Turning away clients making you less profitable


  • Post a price change on your salon signage and on your website and social media channels – use this to encourage last minute appointments at the old price and set a deadline
  • Offer an add-on service as part of a bundled price – make your customers feel they’re still getting a great deal
  • Focus on your service benefits – let clients know about your additional support, extra resources, and flexible appointment availability
  • Inform your staff – you need to make sure that everybody has the same explanations for the price rises so communicate your changes internally too
  • Make yourself available – take the time to talk to your customers one to one so that you can explain your circumstances in a positive and clear way, avoiding speculation – you can follow this up with an email or letter as well
  • Don’t apologize – your goal is to grow and nurture a successful business and prices follow your company growth plan. You may feel a temporary short term loss, but it offers a place for a higher-paying client getting promised value for money
  • Stay confident – increasing prices is a standard business procedure and you shouldn’t be wary of telling your clients. Instead focus on the great service you provide and convince your customers that the increase is justified
  • Thank your clients – it’s simple to do and is really appreciated as customers do understand the need for price increases when it means the quality of service is improved and the most talented stylists are hired.

Be Professional

The price your clients pay should reflect the quality of the service you give. You’ll have experienced and qualified stylists providing cuts, blow-drys, and colors. You can offer that extra service with personal consultations that let your customers discuss specialist treatments such as hair replacement systems.
Make sure that your website is filled with positive customer reviews so that clients can see exactly how dedicated your staff are. So when you’re asking yourself how much should I raise my prices you can take all these factors into consideration and make a properly informed choice that pleases everyone.

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