1) The Breakfast Club is boring as FUCK

Molly Ringwald, The Breakfast Club, and movie image

2) I actually like James Charles, he did some bad things but I think he's learned his lesson

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3) I don't like KFC's chicken

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4) I don't like Little Mix or Fifth Harmony's music

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5) Liza Koshy's videos aren't funny but she's funny in David's vlogs

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6) The Dolan Twins are overhyped

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7) The 80's are better than the 90s & 50s

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8) I don't like Riverdale or think the cast is good looking

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9) I love Amandla and Yara but I feel like darker skinned girls should be casted

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10) Cardi B highkey annoying but I still like her

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lol idk what i was writing bc hahaaa ich bin müde