I've never loved her''
''Are you sure?''
''Yeah.I could never love anyone.''
So how do you explain the way she makes you smile and laugh.And that time when she made you so mad you broke your hand just so the pain would numb the heartache.What was that about?Just thinking of her makes you smile like an idiot then it makes you cry because she's gone and so is your happiness.How do you explain the way you feel when you see her?Is that not love?Why do you go back to her every time?Why is she the only one who can make you feel alright even when your world is crumbling down.Why does she have that kind of effect on you?If you don't love her why can't you get enough of her?She makes you a better person.The way you are with her that's the real you and she brings out every good thing in you.There is something between you.Even you can't deny that.And if that's not love honey i don't know what is.
''I don't love her.I'm not the kind of person that falls in love but if i were she'd be the one''
''Ah sweet denial and nonsensical excuses''