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So yesterday I wrote/made the 'matching pictures' article, and I really appreciate how y'all reacted to it! I LOVE writing articles, the problem is, I only write one article every other week. BUUUT what if I write more? and make like two to three articles per week which I call something like 'monday/saturday/wednesday etc. article' (not sure yet) i've got more time now to do it, so that is why! agree?

for now, lets just get started with this one :)





today, an article about aesthetic colours! hope you'll like it!

Dark colours

letters, Letter, and vintage image book, harry potter, and library image Temporarily removed aesthetic, beige, and brown image red, alternative, and tumblr image white, indie, and red image red, car, and aesthetic image red, aesthetic, and music image art, artist, and idol image Image by lary grunge, aesthetic, and orange image aesthetic and grunge image yellow, fanta, and aesthetic image art, dress, and fashion image vogue, yellow, and style image Temporarily removed rain, green, and light image green, crayons, and color image Budweiser, ebay, and hat image Image removed Temporarily removed green, tropical, and theme image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Image by 𝑎𝑑𝑣𝑒𝑛𝑡𝑢𝑟𝑒 💫 Image by S. P. C. T fashion, girl, and blue image Temporarily removed blue, clouds, and sky image girl, grunge, and blue image midnight, poem, and prose image purple, aesthetic, and light image purple, light, and bed image Temporarily removed purple, candle, and aesthetic image aesthetic, theme, and grunge image Temporarily removed wallpaper, black, and white image city and theme image girl, black and white, and light image christmas, light, and winter image city, dark, and night image sleep, black, and light image
I am in love with these dark rainbow colours! when I scroll trough it, it gives me chill vibes :)

If you want to find some colours in this feed search with these words:

  • auburn/brown (dark)
  • dark + red
  • orange + dark
  • yellow (channel)
  • green + theme
  • jungle green + dark + vogue
  • blue + sea + travel
  • blue (dark)
  • purple + neon
  • dark + grey
  • black (it's hard to define this)

Pastel colours

aesthetic, girl, and mood image peach, aesthetic, and car image peach, aesthetic, and theme image aesthetic, peach, and peachy image banana, ice cream, and yellow image theme, aesthetic, and style image aesthetic, yellow, and pastel image yellow and art image pastel, aesthetic, and green image green, music, and pastel image green, music, and aesthetic image green, aesthetic, and mint image pink, water, and aesthetic image rainbow, hand, and blue image blue, aesthetic, and pastel image stars, blue, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed architecture, lights, and lilac image moon, aesthetic, and stars image pink, sweet, and flowers image pink, aesthetic, and peach image pink, aesthetic, and quotes image pink, aesthetic, and heart image
these colours remind me of candy, easter, happiness, peace, and a lot more!

If you want to find some colours in this feed search with these words:

  • peachy orange
  • banana smoothie (yellow)
  • mint green
  • baby blue
  • lavender (lilac)
  • cherry blossom (pink)

White touched colours

breakfast, caffeine, and classy image cat, animal, and cute image bike, minimal, and white image black, grey, and sweet image white image college, hand lettering, and minimal image FRUiTS image interior, desk, and white image art, painting, and marble image blue, laptop, and luxury image
this feed is so cool! you can put almost everything in front of something white, make a picture, and you have the cutest feed in the world :)

If you want to find some colours in this feed search with these words:

  • white minimalism
  • white background
  • white themes


yay, that is it for this article, have a great day, and don't forget: show love!

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