Hey! This is my first article here, in the "We Heart It" society, so I am kind of nervous! I hope you guys like my posts and I want to inform you that they will mainly be about fashion. Today's article is about the "Designers Couture". This couture are clothes designed by unexperienced people that haven't so much knowledge on fashion and design. However, these items that are created by young, and not only people who are creative and keen on designing and styling outfits, do not at all look "ugly" or clumpsy, but interesting and impressive! Their ideas are fresh and original and that's why their works of art make such a great impression to everyone. If you are also intrested in fashion and design you should try to design your first item. Take inspiration from runways to simple people walking down the street! You can also find some prints in the Internet from which you can gain inspiration! Good luck with your attempts!

StamyX :)