I take one hit and close my eyes
My body relaxed as I take a breathe
I try not to think about you, but I fail again
Those constant thoughts just come right in
I smile for a moment, rejoicing you and I
The moments that we used to have
The innocent days and nights where I held you tight
Oh how I loved just you and I
I once again think to myself,
How can it be that your not mine
Instead your married with another girl
I lost the time to tell you how I felt
So now I lay here like im nothing more
I showed you I loved you but you wanted more
What is it that you truly craved?
I guess it wasn't enough love that I shared
Cause you left me lonely and unprepared
I constantly wonder what I did wrong
I tried my best to show I cared
Now all I do is inhale more
And try to slowly forget it's there
All the guilt I feel for not having you here
But it's okay, I'll be right here
Taking another hit as I lay in bed
Just know I still love you
And always will

By Dayarimar Rodriguez


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