Heyy babes,
To have a routine in morning gives you a clear head and it creates less stress. If you do it every morning the same way, one day it will goes automatic, so you don’t have to think a lot in the morning. And for the not morning persons is that a pretty damn thing ;).

6 am
The first thing what I want to do in the morning is take it easy. I open the curtains and just take a little moment to let the light in and look a little bit outside. Just to wake up. After that I'm awake enough i check my phone.

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6:10 am
After I got my brain a little bit awake I walk to the bathroom and clean my face. Some times I do it with a special soap and sometimes I just do it with water. If I don't like doing it I just threw water in my face to wash and then i'm ready to go to next thing.

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6:20 am
Now finally it's time for breakfast. I make a cup of tea and eat toast with some nutella. I make my lunch at the same time as my breakfast. I found out that it works the best for me. If i do it later I run out of time and I forget it and then i have to be hungry the whole day. Nobody wants that so I make it at the same time. My lunch is also toast with nutella, jam or cheese. I also take a piece of fruit with me to school. When that's al ready I can eat.

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6:35 am
While I'm eating breakfast my kind of a chill time starts. I allow my self to watch some videos or write a article or something what I like. Just so I have a feeling that I started the day right. But if I have a big test that day i use this chill time to study one last time at it.

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7 am
Now it's getting time to get shit done. I look at my schedule to have a view of my day and after that I pack my back. When that's ready it's time for the clothes. I always pick my clothes in the morning, I know it will take less time if you do that the day before but most of the time in the morning I don't want to wear that anymore haha. If I'm ready with changing my clothes it's time for my make up. I don't put a lot on my face. Most of the times I only wear some mascara and concealer and do my eyebrows.

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7:40 am
I really love it makes calm if my room is organized. So I make my bed and put the little things that used back on the place where they belong. It takes 5 minutes and will keep your room organized the whole week.

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7:45 am
Now it's time to go. So I put my jacket on, take my back and take my keys. I put my helmet on and drive to school. Ready to start the day.

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Raje xxx