hi everyone,
so I've seen many accounts do this challenge, and I thought i'd give it a try! I also thought it would be a good way to ease me into writing articles, plus you'll get to know me a little bit. enjoy :)

✿ coffee or tea

Image removed coffee, drink, and food image

✿ city or beach

beach, ocean, and sea image Image removed

✿ vans or converse

Image removed Image by @Kranli

✿ dogs or cats

animals, beach, and photography image Temporarily removed

✿ sweets or savoury

food, coffee, and cake image food, ice cream, and yummy image

✿ books or movies

book and reading image The Breakfast Club, movie, and 80's image

✿ tattoos or piercings

tattoo, honey, and jeans image tattoo, flowers, and art image

✿ sunrise or sunset

city, aesthetic, and building image Temporarily removed

thank you for reading, and credit to the lovely people who found/took these pictures. bye x - c l a r e ✿