1. coffee or tea? iced coffee,, but like also iced tea
2. black and white or color? lately, color
3. drawings or paintings? hmm drawings
4. dresses or skirts? dresses are so much easier i think
5. books or movies? i wish i had more time for books // movies
6. pepsi or coke? no sodas x
7 .chinese or italian food? italian, i love pasta
8. early bird or night owl? night owl (11:36 pm, work in 9 hours)
9. chocolate or vanilla? bruh 100% chocolate
10. introvert or extrovert? more extroverted lately
11. hugs or kisses? kisses
12. hunting or fishing? oh my god neither
13. winter or summer? winter forsure
14. spring or autumn? spring
15. rural or urban? urban living
16. PC or mac? eh, i'm not picky but probably mac -- brought to you by a pc
17. harry potter or lord of the rings? neither (i'm so sorry potterheads)
18. cake or pie? don't really like sweets tbh
19. ice cream or yogurt? ice cream i can get behind
20. ketchup or mustard? ketchup, mustard u suck
21. sweet pickles or dill pickles? don't really care for either but probably dill
22. comedy or mystery? depends on what mood i'm in i think
23. boots or sandals? i. love. boots. but i live in florida so
24. silver or gold? meh idk probably silver
25. pop or rock? what kind of question is this, i listen to everything. mostly pop punk
26. dancing or singing? i mean i'm bad at both but both hahah
27. checkers or chess? again, bad at both but less bad at checkers
28. board games or video games? probably video games
29. wine or beer? prefer wine
30. freckles or dimples? -_- ask me how much i hate my freckles // dimples
31. honey mustard or BBQ sauce? wow, don't make me choose
32. body weight exercises or lifting weights? lifting
33. baseball or basketball? eh, neither?
34. crossword puzzles or sudoku? sudoku
35. facial hair or clean shave? ugh, depends on the guy, usually clean shave tho
36. crushed ice or cubed ice? crushed ice
37. skiing or snowboarding? been skiing once
38. smile or game face? smile
39. bracelet or necklace? i hate jewelry but necklace
40. fruits or vegetables? fruits
41. sausage or bacon? neither, i'm veggie
42. scrambled or fried? scrambled
43. dark chocolate or white? usually white, lately dark
44. tattoos or piercings? both, but need more tattoos, don't need anymore piercings
45. antique or brand new? brand new tbh
46. dress up or dress down? usually dress down
47. cowboys or aliens? aliens
48. cats or dogs? cats
49. pancakes or waffles? ugh don't make me choose
50. positive or negative? positive!
51. sci-fi or fantasy? fantasy
52. numbers or letters? numbers
53. dark or light aesthetics? wardrobe - dark // photo feed - light
54. fair or theme park? ooh, theme park is a more regular thing for me so fair
55. money or fame? money
56. washing dishes or doing laundry? laundry
57. snakes or sharks? oh my god, neither but snakes
58. orange juice or apple juice? orange juice
59. sunrise or sunset? ok sunrise, but sunset bc i can't get up to save my life
60. slacker or over-achiever? work-related over-achiever, slacker on chores & other life things
61. pen or pencil? pen
62. peanut butter or jelly? peanut butter mostly
63. grammys or oscars? grammys
64. detailed or abstract? detailed
65. multiple choice questions or essay questions? multiple choice
66. adventurous or cautious? generally adventurous
67. saver or spender? unfortunately spender
68. glasses or contacts? glasses, but i have 20/20 vision
69. laptop or desktop? laptop
70. classic or modern? modern
71. personal chef or personal fitness trainer? trainer
72. internet or cell phone? cell
73. call or text? text
74. curly hair or straight hair? if my hair would stay curly i'd say curly but straight
75.shower in the morning or in the evening? morning
76. spicy or mild? spicy
77. marvel or dc? marvel, specifically spidey
78. paying a mortgage or paying rent? paying rent
79. sky dive or bungee jump? yikes, probably sky dive
80. oreos or chips ahoy? oreos
81. jello or pudding? pudding
82. truth or dare? truth, i have no secrets
83. roller coaster or ferris wheel? roller coaster
84. leather or denim? denim
85. stripes or solid colors? solid colors
86. bagels or muffins? all carbs are yummy carbs
87. whole wheat or white? whole wheat
88. beads or pearls? pearls
89. hardwood or carpet? hardwood
90. bright colors or neutral tones? neutral colors
91. be older than you are or younger than you are? younger
92. raisins or nuts? both are good
93. picnic or nice restaurant? nice restaurant
94. black leather or no leather? no leather really
95. long hair or short hair? depends on the day but generally short
96. "ready, aim, fire" or "ready, fire, aim"? hahah "ready, fire, aim"
97. fiction or non-fiction? fiction
98. smoking or non-smoking? non-smoking
99. think before you talk or talk before you think? generally think before you talk unless they said something to set you off
100. asking questions or answering questions? answering questions