you don't know me. and i don't need you to know who i am to feel worthy of your time.

you see, something i've learned over time is that believing in myself & my passions & my drive was the key to happiness i had been missing all along.

i've stopped spending my time measuring other people's success & comparing my accomplishments to that of my counterparts & started considering what my ideal self looks like & succeeds in -- that's what i've been spending my time & focus on becoming.

i used to invest my time relying on others to believe in me & teach me how to be successful. that was a mistake. step one is finding & believing in yourself; & the only way to figure that out is simply time & consequence.

whether your passion is writing, fashion, photography, knowledge -- it's important to you & no one can take that away from you. no one should be setting you back from any goal you have set for yourself.

give yourself t i m e. you need it to grow, discover, create, learn...

sometimes you think you know yourself, but things can change over time or suddenly & then you're someone else. just make sure that someone else is a better, more forward you.

be all that you can be & make that your number one priority. everyone else can watch, learn, & look to you as an example.

you're as successful as you view yourself & that should constantly be on the up & up. never // stop // growing.