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"you are a very likeable girl." / "fuck you."

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–– the pretty reckless, just tonight

here we are and i can't think from all the pills, hey, start the car and take me home.

–– lana del rey, carmen

she laughs like god, her mind's like a diamond.

–– the sundays, wild horses

wild horses couldn't drag me away.

–– ms mr, hurricane

welcome to the inner workings of my mind, so dark and foul i can't disguise.

–– the weeknd, privilege

i got two red pills to take the blues away.

–– hole, doll parts

someday you will ache like i ache.

–– the 1975, menswear

because it's 5 past 3, i can hardly see and i'm on the verge of passing out.

–– sza, drew barrymore

i'm sorry i'm not more attractive, i'm sorry i'm not more ladylike, i'm sorry i don't shave my legs at night.

–– kanye west, paranoid

baby, you worry about the wrong things.

–– steve lacy, dark red

something bad is 'bout to happen to me, i don't know what, but i feel it coming.

–– g-eazy, downtown love

but where i used to see beauty, now i just see pathetic.

–– cocteau twins, pandora (for cindy)

forty feet, forty franks, fish fate, fiss fate.

–– amy winehouse, take the box

but you make me cry, where's my kiss goodbye?

–– the beatles, happiness is a warm gun

i need a fix 'cause i'm going down.

–– jeff buckley, everybody here wants you

i'll be waiting right here just to show you how our love will blow it all away.

–– portishead, roads

i got nobody on my side and surely that ain't right.

–– sonder, too fast

people say i drive too fast, move too fast, live too fast; ain't no such thing as too fast for me.

–– cibo matto, sugar water

the velocity of time turns her voice into sugar water.

–– morcheeba, never an easy way

you'd think i learned by now, there's never an easy way.

–– björk, play dead

i play dead, it stops the hurting.

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