In a galaxy far, far away...

"There was a girl who loved to draw. She would create stories with her images. People were amazed by her talent at the age she was. And for awhile, she thought she was pretty good too.
But as she got older, she became her worse enemy...her worst critic. Suddenly she didn't feel like the talented young girl she once thought she was. She could never measure up to the great artists of the day and age. Her art was nothing, just scribbles compared to others around her. So she locked up that talent deep in a volt, and tossed out the key, swearing that that path was not for her.
But fast forward years later, and that itch is desperately trying to get back out, and she wants too...but just doesn't know how."

Image by Mel

Lately, my creative itch has been urging to come back. I just want to pick up a pencil and paper and start drawing again. But Im afraid. Perhaps others are like me also. We that itch is coming back but were just afraid we'll fall short of our exceptions. That reality won't meet the imagination churning inside us.

We are our worst critic. So when we don't meet up to our own expectations...we give up.

Drawing was a passion of mine. And perhaps it may not be something I'll do as a living, it's still something I want to keep in my life. But where do I start? I've read various of inspirational journals and blogs of people who gone through the samething, and one thing they do mention:

Get that paper, get that pen, AND GET GOING!

girl, art, and anime image

We won't get anywhere is we are just sitting and wishing that one day get back into our creative habit. It's something we need to put into action and do!
I haven't drawn in years! I can't remember when was the last time I created something. So of course I am going to be rusty. When you get back into it, your fist creation may not come out as you quite imagined it. But thats okay!
That doesn't mean your a horrible artist. You just need the training wheels again before you go solo.

Start off by finding a picture in the internet or books, and try drawing it yourself. Your style and someone else's style is different, but it'll get your mind and hand back in the habit of what to do. Work on faces for awhile, then switch to the body, poses, hands, feet, clothes, eyes...the skies the limit. The whole point is to get back in routine.

Start small!
Don't overwhelm yourself with a big project just to disappoint yourself how it comes out in the end. Remember, this is something you haven't done in awhile, so you'll need to start small and gradually go bigger.
Do it continuously. Do it daily.

Try different styles to refigure which drawing style suits you best! Go out and buy yourself a personal drawing journal. Fill it endless amount of drawings. Fill it with your emotions and feelings. Why a journal? Because it's something you'll go back to on a daily basis.
Note things in it. Date it. Highlight things. That way you see your progression. See what your best at and what needs more work.

Sometimes we are our worst critic, but sometimes we can be our best teacher.