Hi! I saw this "challenge" and it seemed interesting and funny haha (sorry if something is written wrong but I am still learning English).
Sooo... Let's start

20 Random Facts

  • I'm from Costa Rica.
  • I speak Spanish.
  • I have 18 years old.
  • I have a medium technician in Graphic Design.
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  • I want a golden retriever.❣
  • I am in a course to learn English.
  • Last year I finished school.
  • I love reading.
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If someone wants to give me one of the two, they are welcome
  • I listen to any kind of music (but now my fav is indie rock or alternative rock).
  • I like painting more than drawing
  • I want to improve my watercolor technique
  • I'm good at playing basketball (but I do not play haha)
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  • Most of the time I spend watching T.V shows.
  • I'm in love with Harry Styles.
  • I'm still waiting for One Direction to come back. :(
  • I do not like musicals but recently I saw The Greatest Showman and it's great!
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  • I like the videogames.
  • I love going to art festivals.
  • Before I wanted to study Marine Biology (but that changed when I started studying graphic design).
  • I have very crazy dreams.
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That is all!
I hope you liked it, byeee