Ciudad o campo

beauty, purple, and romantic image clouds, distance, and farm image

Vestido o Pollera

beauty, casual, and outfit image fashion, style, and kardashians image

Sunglasses pequeños o grandes

riverdale, madelaine petsch, and actress image madelaine petsch, riverdale, and cheryl blossom image

Bella O Gigi

bella hadid, model, and black and white image beautiful, model, and gigi hadid image
Bella, sin dudas

Kylie O Kenny

Image removed Image by Linzi
Por estilo, Kylie

Matte o Gloss

Image removed lips, gloss, and aesthetic image

Blair o Serena

leighton meester and gossip girl image gossip girl, blake lively, and Serena Van Der Woodsen image

Gossip O PLL

gossip girl, chuck bass, and serena image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
Sin pensarlo, Gossip SIN PENSARLO.