this great, big world that we live in has many gifts that were given to us; some big, some small. most of us are aware of the big ones, like the love of a family, the support of a friend, and the beautiful sky above us. but oftentimes, we don't notice the small treasures that sometimes only last a second. so here's ten special, little things i've noticed in the time i've been on this planet so far.

sunshine in someone's eyes

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doing better than you expected on a test

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comfortable silences with someone you love

Image by Nahier.

late night car rides

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listening to a throwback song and knowing all the words

Image by Luana

small, but sweet, smiles from someone

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in-the-moment polaroids

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stretching after staying in the same position for a long time

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genuine apologies

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sleeping with the windows open during summer

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i really enjoyed making this. if you liked reading it, let me know and maybe, just maybe, i'll make another one. there's still many jewels in this world.