disclaimer: none of these are said to harm anyone, im sorry if this offends anyone

1. although i love stranger things, im not a big fan of millie bobby brown
2. star wars kinda sucks
3. dont really like ariana grande
4. i go on and off on if i really like dogs
5. i absolutely hate fall
6. i would rather die a million times then eat ham
7. i dont listen to logic
8. whats the fuss on harry potter?
9. ryan gosling is ugly
10. oreos are disgusting
11. pineapples belong on pizza
12. i hate any movies that arent scary
13. i love reading and writing
14. rats are cute
15. water is better than soda
16. i love the kardashians/jenners
17. j cole is better than drake
18. the dolan twins are ugly
19. i dont hate james charles
20. the new "it" is better then the old one (not really unpopular but whatever)