> Well my day begins with hearing the saddening sound of my dumb alarm ring at about 4:45 a.m. (Ughh)
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> I then open out my windows to see the beautiful purplish blue skies as dawn breaks. I then sit at my window sill bed and take 5 minutes to check my messages.
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> After, I head to my bathroom and brush my teeth.
> I then head downstairs and have breakfast with my sister Ocean..
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It's usually some kind of toast bread with tea or eggs.
> It's then bathroom time once again. I go take a refreshing shower and moisturize my skin, face and hair.
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Morning showers really helps to rejuvenate my tired feeling.
> I then go to my closet to change into my school uniform and do my hair.
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> After, I grab my school bag that was already packed the night before, spray on my favorite perfume, and jump into my parents' car for them to drive me to school.
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my bag is like a combination of these two.

Yep that's my sad mornin routine, but please heart it anyway :D
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