Please keep in mind these are tips based on MY prom experience

1. Dressing tips
-Try going to local boutiques to try in dresses in order to find what STYLE you like, I found that in my city boutiques really marked up prices, but I was able to find my style dress more easily online
- If you do decide to order online I recommend reading reviews of the dress you are interested in
+ Measure yourself! You would NOT want to accidentally order too small, you can always take in, but it's harder to add room
+ Some websites I recommend are and, they both have great dresses for a variety of prices
- I don't recommend using social media sites to find dresses or googling just 'prom dresses', you can find a style but the chances of you finding that exact dress are very, very slim
- Get shoes you can at least walk in for at least an hour
+ They may be pretty, but what's the point of getting pretty shoes if you can barely use them for a night?

2. Makeup Tips/Hair
+ Unless this is a look you do on the daily PRACTICE!
+ If someone is doing your makeup, suggest setting up a date to practice your look
- Don't go with something too bold
+ If you're going to do a bold, colorful look, don't do a fancy eye look and vice versa
- Setting spray is your best friend, if you don't have the money for a high end setting spray, some great brands with setting spray are Milani and NYX
- Try testing out your makeup if you're using new products
+ Flashback is not good, you want your face color to match your neck (too light or too dark or even see if the foundation gets darker), and if you have new lipsticks, you might want to see if they oxidize (get darker)
- Hair is the same!
+ Pick something that is comfortable, something that maybe is not too intricate because you're going to be dancing a lot, that will fall and get messy

3. Before/ At the Dance
- Take some extra shoes!!! (if you are going to wear uncomfortable shoes)
+ You do not want blisters, you're going to dance so dance. You also may not want your feet to turn black by the end of the night
- I highly recommend taking a purse of some sort
+ You may want to take, a pack of gum, a compact mirror, a portable charger/charging cord, hair tie, and maybe a beauty sponge to blend if needed
+ Any jewelry that starts to get annoying can get stored in your purse later in the night if needed
- Plan with your group before hand if you are making plans!!!
+ If your dance is not providing dinner, set up a reservation at a restaurant and keep it solid!
+ From personal experience, try not to add people last minute, chances are, the people who made the reservation will get super annoyed of calling to add people, so keep your group solid.
+ Set a picture time too!!! Give yourself enough time to get ready, then go take pictures, you can still take pictures at the dance, so don't stress
+ A pro photographer is not always necessary, all these fancy new phones have great cameras! USE THEM
- Don't stress about a date!
+ If you really want someone to ask you, you kinda gotta let them know, so let them know if you really want a date
+ You'll have just as much fun with friends as with a date
+ You'll probably all end up dancing together anyways

- This is one night
- Just have fun, you'll look great!!

5. After parties
- I have no idea, never been to one
- DO NOT get into the car with anyone who has been drinking/smoking, and DO NOT get behind the wheel
+ If this is a concern, maybe try not to do anything that will put other lives in danger, or try to spend the night
- Be conscious of neighbors
+ This is your prom night and I'm almost certain it's not theirs
+ You probably don't want the cops to crash the party so yeah

Again, this is based on my experiences. Happy Prom!