Well, since I'm kind of a mystery but have been on this site forever, here's a little bit about me, in case you're curious!

Anyone who reads this, consider yourself tagged, and feel free to tag me back!


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Best movies

inglourious basterds and melanie laurent image horror, shelley duvall, and The Shining image pride and prejudice image boy, grunge, and xavier dolan image Mature image 60s, movie, and romeo and juliet image Image removed Temporarily removed
Inglourious Basterds - The Shining - Pride & Prejudice - Tom At The Farm - The Man From UNCLE - Shakespeare In Love - The Princess Bride - The Lion King


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I live in the US... but I'm from Germany!

Drink I last had

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Strawberry Acai refresher!

Every day starts with

cat, cute, and animal image
Cuddles from my cat!


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I try not to have any!


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I'm 5'6" and I'm laughing so hard at this image

In love with

bts, spring day, and jin image

Jealous of

art, paint, and aesthetic image
Anyone who can paint!

(last) Kiss

gay, girl, and heart image love, kiss, and lesbian image
Nothing special, but awfully cute

Last time I cried

P!nk, pink, and alecia moore image P!nk and pink image
I got too emo listening to P!NK... lol

Middle name

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Christine ;)

Number of siblings

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One sister!

One wish

castle, scotland, and uk image autumn, fall, and rain image heaven, isolated, and lewis image Image removed edinburgh, scotland, and travel image castle, pink, and snow image
Tour Scotland... I've never been!

Person I last texted

etsy, handmade, and gift for dad image
My father lol

Question I always get asked

ice skating, ice, and winter image Image by Karen Hegr
"Are those ice skates?"

Reasons to be alive

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Art - Music - Skating - Cats


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Time I woke up

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Underwear color

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Vacation destination

city, new york, and travel image

Worst habit

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I bite my nails....

Xrays I've had

bts, suga, and yoongi image
I have no idea

Your favorite food

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Zodiac sign

always, bad, and cancer image