Your eyes were everlasting, glistening stars,
Your iridescent beauty glowed like the full moon,
I wanted to stay in this perfect wonder forever..
I explored your galaxies as you explored mine until I reached my limits of adventuring through space without oxygen..
You had magic, yet dangers lurked,
Every time you touched me, my endless nights turned to daylight,
Every time you looked at me, I felt my moons and stars collide,
I couldn't stop journeying through your effortless charms..
I was like your poison you couldn't live without..I wasn't healthy but I never killed you.
The planets gained life as millions of milky ways lit up the mysterious skies..
The deep black hole came nearer, it was like an ocean, an ocean I knew I would never get out off...but I jumped in anyway..into the enchanting, cruel dangers that were hidden down below..
All because of your galaxies...

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