So these are some things that I have discovered at the beginning of March early April that I just love.


  • Lollapalooza Concerts
festivals, Lollapalooza, and music image
Since I couldn't go to Lollapalooza because I live in America and I am flat-ass broke. Watching them on youtube is the next best thing and tbh the quality is FANTASTICO! I love The Neighbourhood performance!
  • The Neighbourhood - New Music
the neighbourhood image
Their new stuff is the shit! I have been playing Void non-stop. My Fave: Void, Sadderdaze, and Nervous
  • Freaky Friday- Lil Dicky & Chris Brown
brown, chris, and freaky image
I love lil dicky he is like the rapping version of The Hangover or some Seth Rogan movie. And...Chris Brown can musically do no wrong!
  • Group Thang- Dram
dram and charli xcx image
@swim_girl_rock put me on to this and all I can say is...thaaank yoooou!
  • I Feel Love - Donna Summer
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This is my throwback jam for the next few weeks it's like ecstasy in a song lmao


  • The Arrangement
the arrangement and christine evangelista image
It started off really cheesy, but now I am enthralled. Really good!
  • Bates Motel
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again @swim_girl_rock (check my girl out!) put me on to this the other night...I am almost done with the first season. Sooo honestly makes me question Freddie Highmore's irl sanity because he is playing this part a little too good. THANK YOU ASHLEEEY!
  • Single White Female
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I love movies like this and this is a cult classic. This is my first time seeing this. Wow...that bitch wouldn't have been in my house in the first place.
  • CalebCity
Image by coldcashdivine
His channel is keeping me alive it is soo funny! I wish I had found it earlier!
  • Breakfast in Bed Candle Scent
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I got it from Kirkland's for like $8 it was on sale! It smells like pancakes!!
  • Hard Bitten- Sally Hansen
blue, cute, and nails image
Such a cute color I love it!
  • Peanut Clusters
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I have been obsessed with these peanut clusters from Spouts...they are sooofuckengoood!


Welp that's it! Tell me whatcha think I appreciate all the hearts and any positive messages! Have a good day and a blessed weeek kiddies! 😘

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