Hi everyone, I'm back with my second article, I've seen this tag thing a lot around here so.. Here it goes!

If I were a/an...

➼ Color

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed art, paint, and pink image makeup, beauty, and eyeshadow image
Nude shades

➼ Clothing item

fashion, style, and outfit image fashion, outfit, and style image Temporarily removed fashion, black, and style image
A suit

➼ City

london, travel, and city image building, city, and england image flowers, wallpaper, and background image Image removed

➼ Feeling

book, travel, and reading image bath, beauty, and flowers image calm, candle, and white image animal, cat, and dog image

➼ Movie Character

vikings, lagertha, and katheryn winnick image vikings, lagertha, and katheryn winnick image vikings, lagertha, and katheryn winnick image beautiful, blonde, and blue eyes image
Lagertha (Vikings)

➼ Disney Princess

hercules, disney, and megara image disney, hercules, and megara image Mature image megara, hercules, and disney image
Megara (Hercules)

➼ Season

Temporarily removed autumn, coffee, and book image Temporarily removed autumn, fall, and coffee image

➼ Word

definition, definitions, and quotes image

➼ Flower

flowers, tulips, and bouquet image flowers, tulips, and pink image Temporarily removed Image by Emma DEFAUT

➼ Element

red, lips, and fire image love, couple, and fire image Inspiring Image on We Heart It rose, fire, and flowers image

➼ Animal

cat, cute, and white image cat image Temporarily removed cat, cute, and white image
White cat

➼ Accessory

Temporarily removed Image by ✿.。.:* ☆:**:. 𝒫𝒶𝓉𝓇𝒾 .:**:.☆*.:。.✿ Image removed choker, girl, and jewellery image

➼ Food

Image by Amnesia sushi and mian image Temporarily removed Image removed

➼ Fruit

raspberry, fruit, and food image Temporarily removed chocolate, food, and cake image Temporarily removed