When you love someone for so long you start to learn more things about them like stuff people wouldn't normally notice and I think that is really beautiful. So here are the things I've noticed about you.

I know how when you're nervous you run your hands through your hair
I know that when you're scared you cross your arms over your chest
I notice when you laugh your eyes squint up into pure bliss
I notice when you're happy you stick your tongue out
I know what your dream job is because it's all you talk about
I know all the little things that make you mad
I notice you get a little twitch in your hand when you're excited
I know that you're scared of the shower drain because you think something will grab you
I know your favorite meme because you can do the “why are you running” accent perfectly
I know when you are really concentrated because you have to listen to music
I know you are super protective because you won’t let anything happen to your little sisters
I know you have a bad sense of humor because you always laugh at my jokes
I know you spend a lot of time on your hair because you think it's the best quality about you
I know that you feel the same way about me as I do about you by the way that you look at me because you can’t hide love