Thought I'd share some of my favorites from last month. Let me know what you think!

Movies and Shows

  • That 70s Show
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I only recently started watching this show and so far it's not bad!
  • Love, Simon
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I loved this movie! LGBT representation is so so so important!


  • Blood on the Mattress by Korey Dane and Zella Day
  • Silhouettes by Colony House
  • Falling Water by Peter Oren
I've also recently started listening to the Pixies and ACDC again


  • Krissy jacket from Brandy Melville
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not a super warm jacket but really cute, and nice to wear in spring
  • tied/knotted shirts
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to show off my abs that aren't there
  • belts
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just to spice up your outfit a lil


  • Mario Badescu facial cleanser
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good for oily skin, but not the ~ best ~ cleanser I've ever used
  • LUSH Dragon's Egg bath bomb, Pink bath bomb, and Poisson d'Avril bubble bar
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these all smell so good

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