Remember that self care isnt always about expensive face masks, moisturizers, or perfect skin. Its being happy with yourself.

Although it may take some time theres always ways to improve your physical and mental health.

1. Stop comparing yourself to others
it might be hard but remember , others beauty does not hold the absence of yours. Once you stop comparing yourself to other people you may realize your own beauty.

2. Treat yourself
Like i said there is no need for you to spend 15 dollars on a face mask, find what it is good for your skin type. You really shouldn't use face masks everyday , try 1-3 times a month. Go out and buy a new moisturizer, no matter your skin type moisturizer is a need for everyone.

3. Throw away the toxic people
You all know what im talking about, STOP LETTING YOUR FRIENDS TREAT YOU LIKE SHIT. Friends respect each other! i repeat, friends respect each other!. Never settle for someone who doesn't show equality towards you. There is not a superior person in a friendship, if you feel less than your friend you may be stuck in a toxic friendship

4. Take care of yourself
Its as simple as it sounds. Brush your teeth, wash your face, wash your hair, shave (only if you want). Do whatever what makes you feel good.

Remember that caring for yourself doesnt make you selfish.