Holaa sweetie pies, Stranger Things is one of my favorites shows and I see this article so I tell to myself.
You have to do this, woman!

Favourite Female Character

Eleven / Jane

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Love this girl.

Favourite Male Character

Mike Wheeler

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Dustin Henderson

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I know I only have to choose one but I couldn't because I love them so much also I love Hopper too

Favourite Parent

Joyce Byers

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I can't say anything, she is the best

Least Favourite Parent

Dr Brenner aka Papa

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I know he's not a real father but he's horrible like one

Ted Wheeler

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Ted is so dumb

Favourite ship


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this kids are so precious also i really love Jopper

Parts that made you cry

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I think probably any part that involves the upside down.

Favourite board game?

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I love board games but i play Monopoly a lot.

Ghostbusters or Star Wars?

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I've never seen the Stars Wars movies but i've seen the Ghostbusters ones , so Ghostbusters.

Waffles or Pancakes?

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Christmas or Halloween?

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I prepare all year for Christmas.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

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Any superpower , but I would especially like to have telekinesis , read minds or be invisible

Hope you liked this tag

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