Hey guys !

Its Maryam a 14 year old girl who loves poems and coffee , a book worm , a quote collector ,a daydreamer , an over thinker , loves Pinterest , Tumblr , spend free time on WHI .

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loves Polaroids because it capture moments not pictures

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I 'm a cold blooded person but like the storm if I got angry , you can't tame me , so you better run ;) , maybe I would cry till my eyes are read and my nose is tinted rose but whenever you ask me "are you ok ?" I'll always say "I'm fine " .

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I'm a bit sensitive, but also bold and loves adventures, Reckless ,
Believes that nobody's perfect.
I had a fear from heights but I love standing on the rooftop at night .

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A Scorpio lady , hurt me and you'll regret it .. Hurt someone I love and I'll send you to hell .

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Not a very sociable girl , but still loves to get to know new people.

Believes that art is life, and life is nothing without art .. Also loves drawing and painting and I'm kinda good at it .

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I like writing and i'm tryin' to improve my skills ... And also likes photographing

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My favorite colors are blush , Navy blue , ivory , lilac and New York pink , And Rose gold on top of them all ✨

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|| Some Quotes I love ||

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So , finally thanks for reading, I hope you like it .

Have a nice day !