Hey guys, this is my very first article so... I thought I'd write something special so you guys would get to know me.

Here's my list of favorite things ever. Hope you like it! (and I hope it's relatable!)


Favorite Song
My favorite song EVER is "Estranged" by Guns N' Roses.

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Besides the rythm and melody, the lyrics' very strong and the backstory is too.
So, Axl Rose was dating Stephanie Seymour at the time, and she had a son, Dylan. Axl was extremely attached to the boy, and loved him like he was his own. When Stephanie broke up with him, she forbidden any kind of contact with Dylan, which devastated Axl, so he wrote this song. In the video you can see clips of him in Dylan's old bedroom (where you can see Axl sleeping very peacefully when he should be awake), and clips of them together. In the making of the video he explains it all.


Favorite TV Show
My favorite TV Show is Friends.

Friends was a big part of my childhood, but on top of all, it helped me learn English. Was watching Friends, reading and writing, that I learned English, and today I'm advanced! YAY!
Could I BE wearing any more clothes?

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Favorite Movie

My favorite movie is How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days.
Have you guys seen it?

It stars Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey.
Basically, Andie is a How To Girl, she does tutorials for a magazine. She has to lose a guy in 10 days making the same mistakes most women do (being clingy, needy...). In the other hand, Ben is trying to make into the diamond business, and to get credit for this idea he gave his boss, he has to proove that he can make any woman fall for him... in 10 days. The women that are trying to take credit for his idea choose Andie (they knew all along what Andie had to do for this week's "How To").

So you guys can in imagine what happens. A WAR. AND IT'S AMAZING!!! WATCH IT, AND TELL ME IF YOU LIKED IT AS MUCH AS I DID!!!

You're so vain... you probably think this song is about you, Ben Barry YOU'RE SO VAIN!!!

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Favorite Food

My favorite food is... OH GOD THIS IS HARD.




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Favorite Book

My favorite book is PS. I LOVE YOU

If you don't know this book, let me tell what it's about.
Gerry and Holly. They're happy, they live in a huge building and have to walk up a billion stairs to get to their apartment. They fight, but they love each other.
Then Gerry dies from a brain tumor. Before dying,he came up with this plan: every month a letter he wrote will get to Holly in different ways, on the bottom he signs P.S. I Love You, so she doesn't feel abandoned by him, and so he can help her move on.

You'll cry reading it, most likely with the last letter cause man... I know I did. BUT YOU'LL LOVE IT!


So, i guess this is it for now. If you guys want me to write more about my favorite things, let me know by liking this article or you can send me a message :)

Thanks for sticking by :)

i'm hungry so i'm gonna eat something now

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