Hallo my loves!
Today i´m going to be talking about a more serious topic; The things you shouldn´t tell and do to someone who has depression. As a person who suffered this specific illness, and had friends with it, i have learned a lot.

Please, if you are struggling, and think you may have an illness, please go to the psychologist and get the necessary help,

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"Just get over it"

It's so rude i shouldn't even have to explain this.

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"You are being dramatic"

No, i´m not. The thing with depression is that we see the world in a different way and the problems that for you may be simple, for us is overwhelming.

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"Stop being so lazy"

Even the simpliest actions take a lot of effort. You just feel like gravity is pushing you down, or like you have the heaviest body. In the worst days, i was lucky if i could get out of bed.

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Don´t try too hard.

If your friend is struggling and you try to help, is great. (that even makes you feel important to someone) but if you´ve already talked, joked around, tried to upbeat them and they´re still down, don´t push too hard. Sometimes is comforting to have someone with you, even if you´re not talking at all.

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Sometimes company is not the best.

i know that when you see someone feeling bad, you want to hug them, upbeat them, and be comfort them. But sometimes you just need some time alone to figure stuff out and calm down. There´s nothing wrong in giving space when it´s needed.

(Just make sure you´re not giving too much space, cause the person may feel abandoned.)

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Please click here to learn more about confidential psychological counseling and a list of services that could be of help

If you want to talk, feel free to send me a message, i´ll be answering as fast as i can.

Love you,