⇝ to laugh until your stomach hurts

⇝ to take fresh air while having a little walk outside

⇝ to look at the sky at night and count as many stars as possible

⇝ to make people happy

⇝ to smile until your cheeks hurt

⇝ to pet an animal

⇝ to eat your favourite food

⇝ to make someone laugh

⇝ to text someone at 3 AM and they reply

⇝ to listen to your favourite musics

⇝ to be all alone with yourself for a little moment

⇝ to binge-watch your favourite movies

⇝ to do your favourite thing

⇝ to make someone proud

⇝ to bake some dessert/meal you like

⇝ to take a deep breath (it may sound weird, but you feel very good after)

⇝ to hang out with friends

⇝ to whisper midnight secrets or weird thoughts to your teddy bear, knowing that no one else will never hear them

⇝ to feel proud after achieving something you thought you would fail

⇝ to surprise someone with a gift or a compliment

⇝ to hug someone

⇝ to laugh for nothing