Hello again. Long time no see, uh?

It's been almost a month since we (you) ended up with everything.

Every piece of my heart. Every happy day of my life. Every hope of having found my other half.

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But here I am again. Writting to you. But this time, I'm not writting about you.

Our relationship was wonderful, oh. I've already talked about it in my last article. Not gonna give it more time.

This time I want to give you an update. About me. About my life. Since we don't talk anymore and I'm really not sure if you have ever read my articles, if you ever search my name on Google as I do with yours.

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This month has been crazy, if you want to call it that way. I've missed you so much you wouldn't believe it. I think the worst part was getting used to not sleeping with you anymore. Not being caught between your arms, feeling safe, feeling the World was a good place.

But, you know what? Altought I still miss you randomly trough the week, I don't do it every. single. minute. as I did before. Guess I'm getting used to the idea you won't come back.

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My heart is empty right know. I met new men, just to let you know. Some of them were totally gentlemen and I'm sure someday, a great woman will appear in their lives.

I tried to open up my heart to them. To open up my soul. But I couldn't. You came to my mind every time.

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Don't worry, my (ex)love. Time heals every wound. And therefore, time will heal my broken heart, not cappable of loving anyone else bedides you.

I've been working on my self-love. That thing you always said I didn't have. Funny, uh? You dump me and then, wow, Laura is awesome.

I'm sure you would be proud, if you were still interested in me.

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I'm finishing this letter this way. With an almost sweet end. I have a lot of plans for my future. That future that has changed since we are not togheter and I had to find another path for me.

But let me tell you about it in another letter.

Wait. Maybe it's better if I tell those plans to somebody else.

Somebody that, maybe, follows the same path as me.

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Learning to be mine, not yours,