I've always wished for love. It might sound childish or just fool, but it is the true. I just want to feel loved, deep and long-lasting, the kind of love we may search for our entire lives and some of us might be lucky enough to actually find it. But you know what I'm mostly scared of? To find that love, feel it, breath it, have faith in it and then lose it.

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Do we aknowledge how in love we are just by holding hands?

I've been thinking so much about this later. I feel myself falling in love a bit more every day, is it gonna keep growing into something so beautiful I may cry out of gratitude or is it gonna implode into betrayal, despair or distance?
If you are young as I am you understand the feeling: We have no idea what will happen to our lives in the near future

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Every time he holds me close to his heart I feel myself fading. I get dizzy just by thinking about his smile. He has this peculiar way of talking that just gets me going even if I don't have a clue about what he is talking about. And I absolutely adore the serious face he makes when watching a movie, so concentrated! I find gracious his hyperactivity and how he needs to be constantly doing something. Did I talk about how funny he is? When he gets drunk he's even funnier, I've never met such a wild spirit. But he really conquered my heart when he showed me his vulnerabilities, when he asked for help, advice or just a hug, and when he got back up on his feet I realized how strong and determined he can be. I feel lucky to have met him and scared I might lose this. I feel so scared to let myself get more and more involved but it's absolutely impossible to say no when he kisses me and says I'm beautiful.. I see stars every damn time. I lay down in my bed at night and I pray God takes care of him, I fall asleep wondering about our love. Is this real?

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I once read that we are too scared to let things go because we fear the future. Yes, it is true. But who wants to feel something so good you can't possibly want anything else beside that feeling just to let go later? So we live on the edge of "not caring" over the fear of feeling and hurting later. I can't let that guide me, I won't lose love over fear or I would have already been lost. So I'm letting myself feel every bit of emotion, I care for every smile, hug, touch, kiss.. I'm spinning around love and letting the fear fade away with the sunset. I'm scared as hell but you can't touch the sky if you don't bet you could fall back. I'm taking that bet, God help me.

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Carpe Diem

What if this is real and this is the one?

What if?